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Registration and licences

General authorization

Undertakings have a general authorization to operate telecommunication networks and services, see Art. 4 of The Electronic Communications Act, No, 81/2003 .
Electronic communications undertakings that provide telecommunication networks, services or facilities that are associated with telecommunication networks must announce their intentions to the ECOI before commencing to operate. Activities must consequently be conducted in accordance with
legislation and rules which the ECOI has set regarding general authorizations for the operation of telecom networks and services, see Art. 6 of Act no. 81/2003.

Notification of telecommunications operation

Register of operators 

The ECOI maintains a register of those undertakings that operate in accordance with the general authorization.

See: List of registrated communications undertakings

Numbers and frequencies

Permission to use numbers and certain frequencies is subject to the authorisation of the ECOI
following the submission of an application from undertakings according to a general authorisation.

See Numbering


Communications undertakings are required to contribute 0.38 percent of their annual turnover in the form of an operating fee. Turnover means in this case the operating income an undertaking receives from it´s activities in Iceland.

In addition a charge may be collected for the benefit of the Universal Service Fund. This is currently 0.10 percent of the annual turnover of each undertaking.

Communications undertakings that have been allocated numbers have to pay fees in accordance with the Act on Fjarskiptastofa nr. 75/2021.

In addition there may be various fees payable according to the tariff schedule of the ECOI on account of equipment and use of frequencies.