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Telecom affairs

The Electronic Communications Office in Iceland or ECOI has a wide ranging role in the field of electronic communications. Among its tasks is supervision of communications within the territory of the Icelandic state and execution of the Electric Communications Act. Furthermore ECOI is to encourage competition in telecom services and prevent illegal commercial practices.
Register of operators
The ECOI keeps a register of all companies with a general authorization to operate telecommunication networks and services in addition to which the Administration sets the conditions for general authorizations and supervises compliance with the conditions.

Market analysis and statistics
The ECOI analysis the telecommunication markets in accordance to The Electronic Communications Act.
The ECOI collects and publishes statistics on the Icelandic electronic communications market

The ECOI supervises the Icelandic number system and allocates numbers and prefixes to service providers. The Administration organizes the use of the frequency spectrum, establishes a frequency plan and allocates frequencies having in mind to ensure their efficient utilization.